[vtkusers] Spaceball support

Dade dade_gasp at tin.it
Thu Jan 13 12:37:28 EST 2005


I have integrate a SpaceBall (2003, an old model) with VTK. I used the 
3DxWare SDK downloaded from www.3DConnexion.com
But the SDK only works on windows machine, so the code isn't portable 
accross different SO
I used MFC & VTK + SDK, there's an example to how use SDK with MFC (in 
SDK docs) and how use VTK with MFC (in VTK docs)

The first goal is to integrate the device, receive values from it and 
attach them to the camera
If you want use values to rotate/translate an object (not the entire 
scene), you must use a 6DOF VTK Interactor, I think.....but I don't know how


Sean Richards wrote:

>Sorry if you already got this message. I received a notice that the e-mail bounced so I am sending it agian.
>Hello and happy new year!
>I am trying to integrate a spaceball with vtk. Spaceball has an SDK associated with it for interfacing with the different buttons and events that the spaceball produces. I have been trying to figure out exactly how to integrate the spaceball with vtk, but have yet to have any success. Could someone please tell me if:
>1 - There is anyone out there that has created classes to allow spaceball to work with vtk
>2 - How I might go about changing/adding to the vtk tree to add this support
>My end goal is to use the spaceball instead of a mouse to move actors, rotate them etc.
>Thanks so much for your time!
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