[vtkusers] vtk, wx, MacOSX

Sander Niemeijer niemeijer at science-and-technology.nl
Mon Feb 14 08:29:03 EST 2005

>     SN> The Gtk-1.2 build in combination with my own Python wxVTK
>     SN> class still gives me problems on Mac OS X and Linux if I leave
>     SN> threading enabled in Python/wxWidgets. Unless I disable
> With Debian Sarge, using wxPython- via the libwxgtk2.4-python
> package, I use wxPython and VTK-4.4 fairly regularly.  wxc.so links to
> libpthread so I'm guessing that wxPython is built with threads.  No
> problems.  This is even when I use wxPython and VTK interactively
> using IPython with the -wthread option.  This is with GTK-1.2 and with
> the wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py from 4.4.

But are you using the 'AddObserver' functionality to catch 'UserEvent' 
events and use a Python function as observer?
If you don't use this, everything works fine, for sure. It is because 
of the broken observer functionality that we were forced to disable 

> [...]
>     SN> The Windows build is also still not perfect: VTK will
>     SN> sometimes give me a 'wglMakeCurrent failed in Clean()' error
>     SN> when I close a window (only happens when multiple wxVTK
>     SN> windows are open and occurs with both our own C++ wxVTK class
>     SN> as well as the wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py class). The
>     SN> program will however happily continue, so this is not a real
>     SN> show-stopper for us.
> Hmm, using the Enthought enhanced Python build works perfectly for me
> under win32 + wxPython-2.4.x + VTK 4.4.

The last time I checked, Enthought was still using VTK 4.2 (see also 
And the Enthought guys also applied some patches of their own to that 
version of VTK (AFAIKR one was also related to the problem I mentioned).
And are you using VTK windows embedded in wxWidget windows/frames (i.e. 
combined with menus, buttons, etc.)? And are you using an application 
that is able to display multiple wxVTK windows that can be closed in 
any order by the user?
These two facts are important if you want to reproduce the problem I 

Best regards,

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