[vtkusers] vtk, wx, MacOSX

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Mon Feb 14 09:08:34 EST 2005

>>>>> "SN" == Sander Niemeijer <niemeijer at science-and-technology.nl> writes:

    SN> The Gtk-1.2 build in combination with my own Python wxVTK
    SN> class still gives me problems on Mac OS X and Linux if I leave
    SN> threading enabled in Python/wxWidgets. Unless I disable
    >> With Debian Sarge, using wxPython- via the
    >> libwxgtk2.4-python package, I use wxPython and VTK-4.4 fairly
    >> regularly.  wxc.so links to libpthread so I'm guessing that
    >> wxPython is built with threads.  No problems.  This is even
    >> when I use wxPython and VTK interactively using IPython with
    >> the -wthread option.  This is with GTK-1.2 and with the
    >> wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor.py from 4.4.

    SN> But are you using the 'AddObserver' functionality to catch
    SN> 'UserEvent' events and use a Python function as observer?  If
    SN> you don't use this, everything works fine, for sure. It is
    SN> because of the broken observer functionality that we were
    SN> forced to disable threads.

I don't catch 'UserEvent' but rely on the event mechanism for the
standard messages a *lot* (yes, with Python callbacks).  So yes, I do
use observers but not for the 'UserEvent'.

    >> Hmm, using the Enthought enhanced Python build works perfectly
    >> for me under win32 + wxPython-2.4.x + VTK 4.4.

    SN> The last time I checked, Enthought was still using VTK 4.2
    SN> (see also http://www.enthought.com/downloads/downloads.htm).

That is correct.  I am using a more recent version that was announced
for testing on the scipy-dev list.  This ships with 4.4.  I believe a
final release of this might be available sometime soon.

    SN> And the Enthought guys also applied some patches of their own
    SN> to that version of VTK (AFAIKR one was also related to the
    SN> problem I mentioned).  And are you using VTK windows embedded
    SN> in wxWidget windows/frames (i.e.  combined with menus,
    SN> buttons, etc.)? And are you using an application that is able
    SN> to display multiple wxVTK windows that can be closed in any
    SN> order by the user?  These two facts are important if you want
    SN> to reproduce the problem I mentioned.

The first yes, the second I have to admit, I have not tried.  I.e. I
do embed a VTK widget into a native wxWidget but I haven't added
multiple widgets that I close arbitrarily.  I do know of some folks
who do embed multiple VTK windows in their apps.  I don't think they
close these windows in an arbitrary order though.


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