[vtkusers] how to separate rendering from data processing

X. Chi vtk_chi at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 18 12:46:21 EDT 2003

Hi, all,

I have a question about separating the rendering and data processing: for my 
real time simulation project, I have large sets of image data to process, 
then render the data using marching cube filter. But the simulation is very 
slow. I guess the marching cube filter takes lots of time to extract 
polygons. So, my idea is that maybe I can separate the marching cube 
computing from the vtk rendering. Thus, when I do rendering, marching cube 
will be working at "backgroud" to avoid the rendering delay.

One solution I can think about right now is to set two threads: one for 
rendering and another is for marching cube. But I have no idea where to set 
the two threads (e.g. event loops and how? or command/observer mechanism?). 
Does anybody have any suggestions on my problem?

Thanks and appreciate your help.


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