[vtkusers] About Book

N Smethurst nick.smethurst at free.fr
Mon Apr 14 16:44:43 EDT 2003

What annoyed me about these books is that it is almost like they were 
purposely written to be hopelessly incomplete unless you buy both. I am 
also a poor student and I ended up buying both books eventually and paying 
the high shipping costs to France.

I spent about $170 in total with the shipping costs.. that translates into 
more than a months food budget.

However, I kept my mouth shut since I figured that the volumes sold are 
lower than many books and so the gross profit needs to be higher.

Maybe the idea of a student discount would be a possibility as I am sure 
there are many students who really can't afford that kind of money?


Le Lundi 14 Avril 2003 20:06, Prabhu Ramachandran a écrit :
> Wrong!  $65 is more than half a *months* stipend where I come from!!
> So, while $65 is nothing for some folks its heck of a lot of money for
> some others.

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