[vtkusers] awt_Lock

Jeff Lee jeff at cdnorthamerica.com
Fri Apr 4 13:22:59 EST 2003

philipp.batchelor at kcl.ac.uk wrote:

>Hi everybody
>I have been trying to get vtk in Matlab on Linux, according to the 
>instructions by J. Anast found at this link:
>but I'm having some trouble with 'awt_Lock' coming from vtkRenderingJava.
>vtk + java work, at least the Cone example does.
>Matlab + java work, in the sense that my own HelloWorld.java loads and
>However, I started modifying this HelloWorld.java example by adding some 
>lines from vtkMatlab.java, as described on the site.
>import vtk.* doesn't complain, but 
>'protected vtkRenderWindow rw = new vtkRenderWindow(); '
>complains about Native interface (error about VTKInit). A search on the 
What does the stack trace look like?  awt_Lock comes from java libs.  
Can you post the offensive code and also include a copy of the vtkPanel 
you are using?  Is this vtk4.2?

>vtk mailing list led me to try putting a 
>'protected vtkPanel renPanel = new vtkPanel();'
>just before. This then causes the error message 
>/usr/local/java/j2sdk1.4.1/jre/lib/i386/libjawt.so: undefined symbol: awt_Lock
>and a search for 'awt_Lock' doesn't find much, the most relevant maybe 
>All the other vtk libraries do not generate complaints from matlab, so the 
>problem really seems to come from
>I greped the vtk source for 'awt', but I'm not sure what to look for, I 
>also ldd'ed the libraries, this looks ok. 
>I'm not an everyday user of java, so maybe I'm missing something? 
>linux: RH 7.1, 2.4.7-10
>java: jdk1.4.1
>matlab: 6.5r13,
>typing version -java in matlab produces 'Java 1.3.1 with Blackdown 
>Java-Linux Team Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM'
>I noticed in vtkJavaAwt.h 'awt.version = JAWT_VERSION_1_3;'
>could it be a version problem?
>any suggestion welcome...and sorry as I realise that it is as much a java 
>question as a vtk one.
>P. Batchelor
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