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Stefan Bruckner stefan.bruckner at chello.at
Tue Sep 10 03:05:18 EDT 2002

> want to write a java application that use the vtk 

You don't need the vtkwrapjava and vtkparsejava at all if you just want
to write an application using vtk. These commands are used to generate
the java wrapper classes you need in order to use vtk with java at all.
This is done when building vtk itself.

To compile your java source:

If you don't have one, go and download a JDK from www.javasoft.com.

You can compile your Java source just as you would do normally (javac),
just make sure that vtk.jar (should be located in your vtk home
directory /bin/java) is in the source-path.

Stefan Bruckner

Am Die, 2002-09-10 um 07.47 schrieb Chaiwoot Boonyasiriwat:
> Dear All,
> A computer lab of my university had installed vtk4.0 on windows2000. I
> want to write a java application that use the vtk but I dont' know how
> compile my java source code. There are only two files in vtk
> folders: vtkParseJava.exe and vtkWrapJava.exe.
> The command prompt tell how to use both files like this:
> Usage: vtkwrapjava input_file hint_file is_concrete
> and
> Usage: vtkparsejava input_file hint_file is_concrete
> I think input_file is the java source code but how about hint_file and
> is_concrete. I don't know what they mean.
> Chaiwoot
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