[vtkusers] (no subject)

Chaiwoot Boonyasiriwat chaiwoot at cs.utah.edu
Tue Sep 10 01:47:50 EDT 2002

Dear All,

A computer lab of my university had installed vtk4.0 on windows2000. I
want to write a java application that use the vtk but I dont' know how to
compile my java source code. There are only two files in vtk
folders: vtkParseJava.exe and vtkWrapJava.exe.

The command prompt tell how to use both files like this:

Usage: vtkwrapjava input_file hint_file is_concrete


Usage: vtkparsejava input_file hint_file is_concrete

I think input_file is the java source code but how about hint_file and
is_concrete. I don't know what they mean.


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