[vtkusers] MacOSX 10.2.1 Installation problems (lot of problems)

Yves Starreveld ystarrev at uwo.ca
Thu Oct 24 09:29:07 EDT 2002

Hi, Pascal,

Unfortunately VTK on OSX is a bit of a moving target at present, since 
the compiler, Tk/Tcl, and the OS are pretty labile. (VTK is the most 
stable piece of the puzzle at this point!)

The change to 10.2 introduced some changes to OpenGL and to fstream 
which are causing numerous tests to fail.

That said, I recently committed some changes to VTK to deal with 
dynamic lib initialization which has fixed the build problems, and I 
tested this out by building from scratch on a virgin iMac over the 

There may be some problems if you have X11 installed on your machine.

Currently you should be building with gcc3 only, as James just pointed 

I am also only working on Carbon builds at present, since all the tests 
use Tk windows and those are Carbon-based.

I append a CMakeCache.txt file-stub that you can use. (put it in your 
build directory, name it CMakeCache.txt, run cmake again, then make) It 
assumes you have framework builds of Python and Tk/Tcl available in 

I am working on the vtkImageReader problem now. Once I have things 
building properly, I promise to update CMake to configure properly on 
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