[vtkusers] another question about vtkInteractorStyleTrackballActor

Simon Chatelain simon.chatelain at epfl.ch
Thu Oct 24 09:24:44 EDT 2002

Thanks to Jeff: i undestand how to set an interactor style.

Buut i have now to questions more:

first : what is exactly changed when using this interactor, the vtkActor 
or the vtkPolydata ?
           In fact i need to apply the same transformations on another 
mesh in an other frame,
            but i d'ont know how to get the transformation applied on 
the actor.

second : i have multiple actor in my vtkRenderWindow, but i want that 
only one can be modified by
               user. Typically i d'ont want that the user move the 
                Actually, i check each time the mouse button is pressed 
if the actor under the mouse is or not
                the actor who can be moved and set the interactor style.

                here is the code :

     public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e)
        if (this.activeActor == this.parent.instrumentMeshActor)
            System.out.println("Instrument picked");
            // set the interactor style to trackballActor
            System.out.println("Other mesh picked");
            // set the interaction style to trackballCamera

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