[vtkusers] MacOSX 10.2.1 Installation problems (lot of problems)

James Dessart james at rogue-research.com
Thu Oct 24 09:19:49 EDT 2002

On Thursday, October 24, 2002, at 09:08  AM, Pascal Kilian wrote:

> When building vtk with gcc2 and g++2, during linking one symbol is 
> missing :
> __ZNSt8ios_base4InitC4Ev
> Where is this symbol located. Can't find it.

That one is a gcc3-only symbol.  It's called by the dylib 
initialization routines, to work around a bug that Apple is aware 
of.  For the time being, you can either compile with gcc 3, or 
change your make files to not use the initialization routines, and 
comment them out.

I haven't tried a build since that change was introduced, however.


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