[vtkusers] MacOSX 10.2.1 Installation problems (lot of problems)

Pascal Kilian pascal.kilian at esil.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Oct 24 09:08:51 EDT 2002

I have a strange behaviour when compiling vtk on Darwin.
So i followed the instructions given on the O'Reilly Network by M.J. 
Norton and the following things occured :

1) When compiling with Carbon only, there is a lot of symbols missing
I added the AGL framework in the Makefile and recompiled the stuff.
Compilation ends successfully but the Mace example wasn't built.
Can't someone explain me why please.
(Yes i turned the options "Examples" and "Testing" ON in the 
CMakeCache.txt and done cmake again (and again, and again, ...))

2)When compiling with Cocoa, no symbols is missing.

In these 2 cases i built the Mace example manually because it wasn't 
When built, and launched with -I option a window appears but with 
nothing in it.
Seems i've done something wrong. (What ?)

When building vtk with gcc2 and g++2, during linking one symbol is 
missing :

Where is this symbol located. Can't find it.
Please please help me

Pascal Kilian (pkilian.mailing at free.fr)

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