[vtkusers] Does vtk StructuredPointsReader support 16-bit Binary Data?

Toshio Akiyama akiyama at rao.co.jp
Thu Oct 17 13:42:08 EDT 2002


I need some help.

I'm trying Volume Rendering from 16-bit 3D data.
I use vtkStructuredPointsReader() function.
Does this function support 16-bit Binary Data?
It doesn't seem that this funcition can set data length.

When the 3D data format is Binary, vtkStructuredPointsReader() can't
read that 16-bit data correctly.

But when the format is ASCII, the funcion works good even if the data
range is from 0 to 32767.(16-bit)

The header of binary version is like this.

# vtk DataFile Version 2.0
vtk test
DIMENSIONS 136 150 50
SPACING 1.000000 1.000000 0.500000
ORIGIN 0 0 0
POINT_DATA 1020000
SCALARS volume_scalars unsigned_short 1

Please tell me how to read 16-bit binary data.

RAO, Inc. Toshio Akiyama <akiyama at rao.co.jp>

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