[vtkusers] A command that executes in Python does not compile in C++

Thomas Deschamps tdeschamps at lbl.gov
Tue Oct 8 20:56:01 EDT 2002


I maybe not an expert, but I cannot make the following line compile in C++

    vtkStructuredPointsReader* reader = vtkStructuredPointsReader::New();
    vtkMarchingSquares * ms = vtkMarchingSquares::New();
    ms -> SetInput(reader -> GetOutput());


    reader = vtkStructuredPointsReader()
    iso = vtkMarchingSquares()
    iso.SetInput( reader.GetOutput() )

works nicely.

The compiler says:

    toto.cxx:40: no matching function for call to 
`vtkMarchingSquares::SetInput(vtkStructuredPoints *)'
    /usr/local/include/vtk/vtkMarchingSquares.h:71: candidates are: void 
vtkMarchingSquares::SetInput(vtkImageData *)

Does someone can help?
I have a Structured Points in a file and want to use the marching square 
on it.

Thomas (tdeschamps at lbl.gov)

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