[vtkusers] A command that executes in Python does not compile in C++

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Tue Oct 8 22:33:02 EDT 2002

>>>>> "TD" == Thomas Deschamps <tdeschamps at lbl.gov> writes:

    TD> Well, I maybe not an expert, but I cannot make the following
    TD> line compile in C++

    TD>     vtkStructuredPointsReader* reader =
    TD> vtkStructuredPointsReader::New(); vtkMarchingSquares * ms =
    TD> vtkMarchingSquares::New(); ms -> SetInput(reader ->
    TD> GetOutput());

Well, something is wrong somewhere.  vtkStructuredPoints is a subclass
of vtkImageData, so this is definitely legal.  Maybe your build is not
clean and is an older version?  i.e. Maybe yor header files are old
but the libraries are new or something?


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