[vtkusers] string compare bug?

Kevin Wright krw at viz-solutions.com
Tue Oct 8 12:35:36 EDT 2002

>>I'm going to be doing some testing on IRIX/LINUX and if there are any 
>>interesting results I'll post them.  I think its entirely possible that 
>>the vtk socket code does demonstrate the same symptoms.
>Possible, but it sounds more like vc++ problem on windows.  I actually 
>looked at the code this morning, and I don't see the strncmp in 
>vtkDataReader::SetInputString().  Are you working with an older version of vtk?

If I had to guess, I would say that its a visual C++ bug, I just meant that 
the vtksocket code may exhibit the same problem when using vc++.  I'm 
actually using the 4.0 release, the strncmp is on line 200 of that 
version.  I just checked the nightlies, and it is on line 178 of that 
file.  There are multiple versions of SetInputString, all of which end up 
calling the version with the string compare in it.  I should have at least 
the LINUX version of this running today, so I'll know better then.


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