[vtkusers] string compare bug?

Jeff Lee jeff at cdnorthamerica.com
Tue Oct 8 06:38:40 EDT 2002

Kevin Wright wrote:

> At 05:13 PM 10/7/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>>>> Are you using vtkSocketController/vtkSocketCommunicator?  These 
>>>> objects already do this under the hood.
>>>> -Jeff
>>> No, I'm tying it in with some other code here.  Are you saying that 
>>> vtkSocketController/Communicator addresses the bug that I'm talking 
>>> about, or that it provides the same functionality?
>> those classes provide the same functionality, and use a very similar 
>> approach.  I'm not sure what you are seeing is a bug per-se - does 
>> your Irix/Linux build do the same thing?  I agree that the string 
>> compare could be expensive, but the dataset update could be even more 
>> so.  I have been told that the data readers/writers are going to 
>> change in the near future to xml anyway, but it would be good to know 
>> if this is just a windows problem.  I have been using the 
>> socketcommunicator for quite some time and it doesn't exhibit these 
>> symptoms.  If you have some sample code, it might be worth putting up 
>> on the list so people can test it...
>> -Jeff
> I'm going to be doing some testing on IRIX/LINUX and if there are any 
> interesting results I'll post them.  I think its entirely possible 
> that the vtk socket code does demonstrate the same symptoms.  

Possible, but it sounds more like vc++ problem on windows.  I actually 
looked at the code this morning, and I don't see the strncmp in 
vtkDataReader::SetInputString().  Are you working with an older version 
of vtk?

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