[vtkusers] vtkMFCRenderView destructor

Nigel Nunn nNunn at ausport.gov.au
Sat Jun 29 07:01:13 EDT 2002

Hi James, 
This is working fine in the Vtk 4.x I have from a few months 
ago. But I notice that our sequence differs:  try swapping 
the order of the calls to Delete: 
 Interactor, Renderer, RenderWindow 
  if (m_IRen)   m_IRen->Delete();   // Interactor
  if (m_Ren)    m_Ren->Delete();    // Renderer
  if (m_RenWin) m_RenWin->Delete(); // RenderWindow
> You haven't been very forthcoming with suggestions - am 
> I the only person who has come across these problems 
> (i.e. the crash on exit)? 
This was discussed at length a while back (see the archives). 
With what version of the Vtk files are you working?  
I believe some of your target audience cannot receive the 
format (rich-text plus background) of your recent emails. 
Plain text is preferred. 

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