[vtkusers] vtktcl 3.2.0 for windows

Giancarlo Amati gamati at libero.it
Sat Jun 29 11:10:54 EDT 2002

Hello Everybody,

As I need to use vtk3.2 under windows I downloaded vtk libraries for windows and followed instructions to produce dll and vtktcl.dll to use tcl too.

The problem is that in my tcl main file, the first instructions is catch [load vtktcl] but my tcl interpreter give me the error that i could not find the library. I use tcl8.3.
I moved vtktcl.dll vtktcl.lib and vtkdll.dll in the windows/system directory as written in the instructions, but nothing happend. Have I to set up some environment system?

waiting for some suggestions, have a good day!

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