[vtkusers] Nobody seems to know???

James C. Robinson j.robinson at kepler.ie
Sat Jun 29 06:06:48 EDT 2002

Dear All,

You haven’t been very forthcoming with suggestions – am I the only person
who has come across these problems (i.e. the crash on exit)?

Perhaps I should elaborate. I am using MS C++ v6.0. I have created an mfc
application, which uses a doc/view paradigm for the vtk. The inheritance is:

CMeshviewDoc inherited from vtkMFCDocument,
CMeshviewView inherited from vtkMFCRenderView (which is inherited from

The vtk prefixed classes I found in the vtk examples. I inherited from them
in order to create my required functionality.

I have tracked the crash to the vtkMFCRenderView destructor:

{        if (this->Renderer) this->Renderer->Delete();
          if (this->Interactor) this->Interactor->Delete();
          if (this->RenderWindow) this->RenderWindow->Delete();

It is the line
if (this->Renderer) this->Renderer->Delete();
that seems to cause the crash. When this is commented out, I don’t get a
crash, unless I open and close the window a few times.

I still haven’t had any conclusive answers on the subject of the static
libraries?????? I am the only one on this too?



PS: If I am doing something obviously stupid, please don’t hesitate to tell
me – I’d prefer to think that I was being dumb rather than there being some
very complex problem/solution.


Dr. James C. Robinson, BE,MEngSc,PhD,CEng,MIEI,
Kepler Engineering Software Ltd.,
42 Rivergrove,
Glanmire, Co. Cork,

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