[vtkusers] picking individual spheres in 3D glyph - GeneratePointIDOn/Off

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Sun Sep 30 16:07:01 EDT 2001

Hi Jiaye-

Pick the point with the point picker, get a point id.

Use this point id to get the value of input point id, something like:
vtkDataArray *inputIds = 
inputId = inputIds->GetTuple1(pickedId);

You have to have the latest vtk4.0 for this to work.


At 12:03 PM 9/29/2001 -0600, jiaye zhou wrote:
>Hi Will,
>    Thanks for the info. I actually have a fairly recent nightly release. I
>do have the new vtkGlyph3D methods. But I can't find the new .h file or the
>new .cxx file to see what it is doing. (since the documentation doesn't
>cover it yet, I figured I'd look in the code). I even downloaded lastnight's
>update, and didn't see any of the GeneratePointID methods in the header
>file. Any suggestions on where I can find such info? So without the docs, I
>decided to go ahead and give the new feature a try. I called
>GeneratePointIdsOn. Then I used the pointpicker and picked a point, got a
>pointId back. Now How do I use this point id to do a lookup as you
>mentioned, and eventually associate it with the vertex point? I didn't find
>any method in vtkGlyph3D to retrieve this data.
>Thanks for your help
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>Along these same lines (picking individual glyphs):
>There is a method in vtkGlyph3D and vtkGlyph2D (very recently added) called
>GeneratePointIdsOn/Off. This causes the glyphers to generate a field of ids
>associated with each output point. Then if you use a pointpicker or
>cellpicker to pick a point (from the output of the glyph), you can then use
>the picked point id to index into the generated point ids. You'll have to
>get the nightly release or use CVS to get this feature.
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