[vtkusers] picking individual spheres in 3D glyph - GeneratePointIDOn/Off

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Hi Will,

   Thanks for the info. I actually have a fairly recent nightly release. I
do have the new vtkGlyph3D methods. But I can't find the new .h file or the
new .cxx file to see what it is doing. (since the documentation doesn't
cover it yet, I figured I'd look in the code). I even downloaded lastnight's
update, and didn't see any of the GeneratePointID methods in the header
file. Any suggestions on where I can find such info? So without the docs, I
decided to go ahead and give the new feature a try. I called
GeneratePointIdsOn. Then I used the pointpicker and picked a point, got a
pointId back. Now How do I use this point id to do a lookup as you
mentioned, and eventually associate it with the vertex point? I didn't find
any method in vtkGlyph3D to retrieve this data.

Thanks for your help


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Along these same lines (picking individual glyphs):

There is a method in vtkGlyph3D and vtkGlyph2D (very recently added) called
GeneratePointIdsOn/Off. This causes the glyphers to generate a field of ids
associated with each output point. Then if you use a pointpicker or
cellpicker to pick a point (from the output of the glyph), you can then use
the picked point id to index into the generated point ids. You'll have to
get the nightly release or use CVS to get this feature.


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