[vtkusers] picking individual spheres in 3D glyph - ProgrammableGlyphFilter

jiaye zhou jiaye at inztro.com
Sat Sep 29 13:29:03 EDT 2001

Hi Malcolm,

  Thanks for the reply. I looked at vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter. I think I
understand what's going on. Following the tcl example included in the
distribution, I used vtkTransform, vtkTransformPolyDataFilter, and
vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter. I am using Java, so when it comes to setting the
GlyphMethod, I am lost at mapping to Java code. (I'm not sure how I can pass
the address of a method, since in C++ I could use &proc_name, but I don't
have an & in Java)
Anyway, leaving implementation issue behind, do I seem to be on the right
track though? Back to the implementation issue, would you happen to be using
Java, or something other than tcl? If so, would you have any suggestions on
how this can be approached? Thank you for your help.


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Hi Jiaye

I use spheres to represent multiple seismic events with one actor. I get
around picking by using a programmable glyph filter and building a
lookup-table based on cell-ids on each iteration of the GlyphMethod. When
you do a pick on the actor you can then get the id of your input point from
the id of the picked cell.

I hope this helps
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