[vtkusers] set opacity to vtkActor2D

Ermin Hasičević Ermin.Hasicevic at iskon.hr
Sat Sep 29 03:36:59 EDT 2001

I think you can solve that by use of vtkImageBlend class.
Befor that you should get results of image rendering by
vtkWindowToImage filter. These result you put as input
in vtkImageBlend and set opacity for second input to
proper value. Then you can view results in other image
window. Hope this would help.
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	Hi there,
	i try to display two vtkActor2D in one renderwindow. The problem
is that
	i can either view actor1 or actor2 because they are layed one
upon the
	other. Now my idea is to set the opacity of the upper actor so
that i
	can see through to the lower one. My code therefore is:
//opacity is of
	type float.
	            interactor1->update();  // interactor1 is of type
	Unfortunatley it dosn't work.
	Maybe one of you have a idea how to solve this problem.
	Best regards
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