[vtkusers] Still no luck with sphere program

Ryan Mitchley ryan at peralex.com
Thu Sep 27 12:32:46 EDT 2001


I posted about the same problem a couple of days ago without any replies. I hope I'm not irritating anyone. I just think that the problem is basic enough that an experienced user should be able to help without much thought. My makefile and the steps I used to build VTK are described in the previous post

My problem is that when linking, I get several undefine references:

sphere.o(.text+0x3617):sphere.cpp: undefined reference to `import stub for
sphere.o(.text+0x3629):sphere.cpp: undefined reference to `import stub for

Each error message is for the New methods of the various classes used. I now suspect that these are due to the fact that I need to link in a library using vtkdll.dll. There are a few suggestions about this on the net, but nothing concrete enough for me to work with. Is my suspicion correct? How would I hook my test program up to vtkdll.dll?

Thanks for any replies!


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