[vtkusers] vtkXYPlotActor and Linux

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Thu May 31 02:48:30 EDT 2001


>>>>> "CB" == Chris Bayley <bayley at me.queensu.ca> writes:

    CB> Hello fellow vtkers I am having problems running the examples
    CB> files which use vtkXYplotactors in both
    CB> /imaginig/examplesTcl/xyplot.tcl and plot.tcl in the same
    CB> directory.  The examples work fine under Windows, but under
    CB> Linux I am getting the following X_window errors:

Well, it works for me under linux 

$ ../../tcl/vtk xyPlot.tcl

no problems at all.

I am using the following:

>>> from vtkpython import *
>>> a = vtkVersion()
>>> a.GetVTKSourceVersion ()
'vtk version 3.2.0, vtk source $Revision: 1.870 $, $Date: 2001/05/25 00:04:26 $ (GMT)'


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