[vtkusers] A bug???

Shu-Yen Wan sywan at mail.cgu.edu.tw
Fri May 25 14:48:49 EDT 2001


  I haven't got on the vtk messages for quite a while and may have
missed something critical.

  I have the same problem as described in the below message --
after installing vtk3.2 and rebuilding my VC++6.0 applications,
there shows a message window, warning for some obsolet functions
and all of mouse interactions, e.g., rotating, scaling, picking, do not
work! Moreover, the performance of generating 3D surfaces are
significantly degraded. Is it normal? Or is there a way to get around.

  Any insights or recommendations is appreciated.


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> Dear Vtker:
>   I currently download the vtk 3.2 (the provious one I have is 3.12)
> and install it on my pc (with OS: Window2000, VC++6.0).  I use to
> have several VTK applications developed by Visual C++ 6.0, they
> run ok under vtk 3.1.  When I install the vtk 3.2, and recompile
> those applications, they compile ok, but when I run the codes,
> they DON'T have any reactions to the mouse -- ie, NO rotation
> nor zoom in/out!  I though it must be my fault, and try to see
> what I did in my applications.  After spending a lot of time, I
> give up.  But I try to see the VC code (located in the Sample
> directory) come with vtk 32.  After I compile the Sample code,
> I run it (it work fine), and open the file (the weldedSpheres.vtk),
> then press the mouse trying to rotate / zoom the object -- guess what?
> IT DOES NOT WORK either!  But it works fine with vtk3.1 before!
> So, the vtk 3.2 does not support MFC mouse interaction or is it just
> a bug?   Or do I make anything wrong?   Please help me to solve
> this problem.
> Thanks for all helps.
> Robert
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