[vtkusers] vtkScalars doubt from C++ to Tcl

Mauricio Reyes maurey at ctcinternet.cl
Wed May 16 00:45:40 EDT 2001

> Hi vtkUsers!!
>     First of all I want to thank to all the people who help me when I
> asked some questions (in the beginning some very stupids questions :) ).
> Because of your help I could finish my thesis to get the title of
> engineer...so, thanks a lot.
>     Now I am trying to help  a friend who is working with Caos. I
> remembered that there is an example of lorenz attractor...it is in C++
> so, I started with the "translation" to Tcl. At this line I have a
> problem with the "translation"..
> vtkScalars *scalars = vtkScalars::New(VTK_SHORT);
>   s = ((vtkShortArray *)scalars->GetData())->WritePointer(0,numPts);
> I have:
> vtkScalars scalars
> set s [scalars SetNumberOfScalars $numPts]
> Is that equivalent???  (when I run the script I just receive a blank
> window)
> also I have a little doubt about this:
>  is s[i] = 0  equivalent to:    set [lindex $s $i] 0  ??
> Expecting someone could help me,
> Regards,
> Mauricio Reyes

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