[vtkusers] vtkPicker..

K.R.Subramanian krs at zappa.uncc.edu
Sun May 13 01:11:05 EDT 2001

The documentation for vtkPicker says that the the actor or prop closest
to the camera that was intersected is returned. But I only see methods
that return the list of Actors (and another method to return the list of
Prop3Ds - what is
the difference?), which are not in sorted order.

I am implementing picking and need to get the closest object hit.

I also agree with an earlier post on picking actors; it would be very
to have a way of attaching  user data with  an actor.  For instance, in
application, only some of the actors are pickable and I would like to
some user data that would be useful in identifying the actor  that was

    -- krs

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