[vtkusers] Teaching VTK with TCL/TK

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Thu Mar 15 15:38:48 EST 2001

At 15/03/2001 13:29, Kent Eschenberg, Ph.D. wrote:

>I'm teaching a course for computer science graduate students this summer on
>the subject of scientific visualization. We'll be using VTK (both TCL/TK and
>C++ flavors) on PCs for projects and there will be 48 hours for lecture
>and/or labs.
>Any suggestions for course materials?

I tried to compile some of them. I do not know if all links are up-to-date :
http://www.barre.nom.fr/vtk/links.html#examples see "Classes, Courses, 

>If I use a set of notes (html,
>Powerpoint, Word, ..., crayon) I'd be happy to pass back any additions.

Would be great if you could put your course materials online some day. Feel 
free to keep me posted.

>Any suggestions for books? I have the two from Kitware, but am still
>searching for a good intro to TCL/TK for the class and myself. I've only
>used the C++ approach at work since I tend towards really large datasets.

http://www.barre.nom.fr/vtk/links.html#documentation see "Books"
see "Bookstore", Kitware has several references to various scripting 
languages books, including "Brent B. Welch : Practical Programming in Tcl & 
Tk.". I'dd also add "Tcl and the Tk Toolkit", Ousterhout. But I guess you 
have them.

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