[vtkusers] Teaching VTK with TCL/TK

Kent Eschenberg, Ph.D. kee at erdc.hpc.mil
Thu Mar 15 14:29:33 EST 2001

Dear VTKers,

I'm teaching a course for computer science graduate students this summer on
the subject of scientific visualization. We'll be using VTK (both TCL/TK and
C++ flavors) on PCs for projects and there will be 48 hours for lecture
and/or labs.

Any suggestions for course materials? If I use a set of notes (html,
Powerpoint, Word, ..., crayon) I'd be happy to pass back any additions.

Any suggestions for books? I have the two from Kitware, but am still
searching for a good intro to TCL/TK for the class and myself. I've only
used the C++ approach at work since I tend towards really large datasets.

Any further suggestions would be welcome. It would probably be a good idea
to communicate directly to save the VTK world from these slightly off-topic

Kent Eschenberg   kee at erdc.hpc.mil
ERDC MSRC (DoD supercomputer center), Vicksburg, MS

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