[vtkusers] vtk, python20, TkRenderWidget, Win2000

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Mon Mar 12 16:32:16 EST 2001

At 12/03/2001 13:24, Julian Humphries wrote:

>At any rate, does this mean that there is not a precompiled
>version of vtk and python bindings that work with Python 2?

That's it.  A choice had to be made I guess.

Windows :
          - Python 1.5.2 => Tcl 8.0.3
          - Python 2.0 => Tcl 8.3.0
           - VTK precompiled => Python 1.5.2
           - VTK compiled from sources => choose either 1.5.2 or 2.0

>In another oddity of this version nightmare, I tried first to
>use vtk 3.2 with python 1.5.  That worked for the most part, but
>all of the examples in the imaging\examplesPython directory failed
>because they wanted tcl/tk 8.0 (a message about running fixtk.py
>appears).  However all the examples in graphics\examplesPython
>seemed to work.

I guess some of the examples use Tkinter, the Python module binding Tk and 

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