[vtkusers] vtk, python20, TkRenderWidget, Win2000

Julian Humphries julian at essaustin.com
Mon Mar 12 14:24:13 EST 2001

Sebastien BARRE wrote:

> >
> >So how do we match the tcl/tk - python - vtk versions? (for windows) Can
> >someone outline a (binaries, not source) installation sequence for using
> >Python 2 and vtk?  Can somebody indicate a known combination of versions
> >that work?
> Windows :
>          - Python 1.5.2 + Tcl 8.0.3
>          - Python 2.0 + Tcl 8.3.0

Um, ok, today I tried to  update from Python 1.5.2, and with 
little success.  I downloaded both 3.2 and nightly versions of the vtk
core and vtkpython bindings (pc binaries).  Both "seem" to
require Python 1.5 (I get a message that says module use
requiring python15.dll is not compatible with this version
of python).  Oddly, the vtkpython.dll in the nightly is 
dated from last December, the 3.2 version is last month.

At any rate, does this mean that there is not a precompiled 
version of vtk and python bindings that work with Python 2? 

In another oddity of this version nightmare, I tried first to
use vtk 3.2 with python 1.5.  That worked for the most part, but
all of the examples in the imaging\examplesPython directory failed
because they wanted tcl/tk 8.0 (a message about running fixtk.py 
appears).  However all the examples in graphics\examplesPython
seemed to work.  Ugh.

Julian Humphries

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