[vtkusers] perl/tk with vtk : yes there is.

Roberto De Leo rdl at math.umd.edu
Sun Mar 11 18:05:38 EST 2001

> Bare in mind that these bindings have not been created using the usual VTK 
> wrapping mechanism, thus they might not behave as expected by Tcl or Python 
> users. I do not even know if they are maintained anymore (Roberto is in CC:).

it is almost a year I am not using VTK so I am not updating or using perl
bindings since then and I can't remember in detail how well they were
working in Unix and Win32. 

It would be very interesting for me if anybody wants to try them and let
me know about bugs. For sure it was working perfectly fine for me, but I
was using very few functions so almost all of them are not tested. There
should be a reasonably good documentation and enough examples in the
packages that Sebastien pointed out. 

I remember I also tested the Win32 package and it seemed to work, but I
tested even less than the Unix one. Still also there the few functions I
used were working ok.

In a few weeks I should start again working with VTK and so I will
re-start working on the Perl modules, both on Unix and Win98/NT.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

 Roberto De Leo
 rdl at math.umd.edu

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