[vtkusers] vtk, python20, TkRenderWidget, Win2000

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-a at barre.nom.fr
Wed Mar 7 12:57:12 EST 2001

At 07/03/01 12:26 -0500, David Gobbi wrote:

> > The other thing is - why do people have trouble with VTK on RedHat
> > 7.0?  Does it have anything to do with the Tcl/Tk version or is it
> > something else?
>It has to do with the gcc-2.96 that is shipped with RedHat 7.0.

Yes, the infamous 2.96 problem :(
RH tried to explained why they did that, but it was too late :(
I'd advise anyone to give a try to Mandrake 7.x. It's based on RH, but does 
not exhibit such kind of problems. It's a very efficient distrib, to my 
humble opinion.

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