[vtkusers] vtk, python20, TkRenderWidget, Win2000

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Wed Mar 7 13:01:38 EST 2001


>>>>> "David" == David Gobbi <dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca> writes:

    David> It has to do with the gcc-2.96 that is shipped with RedHat
    David> 7.0.  The most recent stable version of gcc is 2.95.  In
    David> order to build VTK under Redhat 7.0, you have to go to the
    David> RedHat errata page and download their latest gcc patches.
    David> I still run RedHat 6.2, and probably won't upgrade until
    David> RedHat 7.2 is available.

I think there also was some problem with the Mesa version.  Anyway,
thanks for the information.

    >>  Okay - in which case cant a simple note be made on the site
    >> (or atleast somewhere else) saying something like

    David> Personally I don't like the idea of putting the information
    David> on the web site, because web sites (including Kitware's)
    David> have a notorious reputation for becoming out-of-date.  I
    David> think that the appropriate location for this information is
    David> in README files in VTK, where developers can modify them
    David> via CVS.

That is fine too.  But a link to the README from the webpage wont hurt
either.  People who download the binaries might not want to look at
the source and therefore may never see what the README contains unless
the README ships with the binary too.

    >> (2) The nightly RPMs will work with
    >> (a) Python >= 1.5.2 (including 2.0).

    David> Again, you must recompile to have them work with anything
    David> other than Python-1.5.2/Tk-8.0 (which is fine for now,
    David> because this is what RedHat-6.0 through RedHat-7.0 use --
    David> but one RedHat-7.1 is out (with Tk-8.3) we're back into
    David> version hell).

Okay, thanks for the information.  I guess, if people want to use VTK
on RH 7.x they have to do it by hand, unless someone decides to build
the rpms and put them up for download (if someone is interested I dont
mind helping out).


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