[vtkusers] Can VTK use other GUI tools?

Jan Stifter j.stifter at medres.ch
Mon Feb 12 05:57:51 EST 2001

On Tue, 06 Feb 2001 20:31:09 +0100, Marco Petrone
<m.petrone at cineca.it> wrote:

>crazyyao wrote:
>> I have been developing a project based on OpenGL.
>> And I want to use VTK instead of my own OpenGL codes.
>> Because my project doesn't use Tcl/Tk, Java or something else VTK mentioned,
>> I wonder if VTK can use other GUI developing tools, such as GTK , Kdevelop or FLTK.

Kdevelop should work, if you use a class, that combines vtk and qt
take a look at http://www.medres.ch/~jstifter/vtkandqt/index.html
for more infos.
Jan Stifter

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