[vtkusers] Can VTK use other GUI tools?

Marco Petrone m.petrone at cineca.it
Tue Feb 6 14:31:09 EST 2001

crazyyao wrote:

> I have been developing a project based on OpenGL.
> And I want to use VTK instead of my own OpenGL codes.
> Because my project doesn't use Tcl/Tk, Java or something else VTK mentioned,
> I wonder if VTK can use other GUI developing tools, such as GTK , Kdevelop or FLTK.

Take a look at http://www.cineca.it/download/devel/wxwin/wxVTKDialog.zip, it's an example of
showing how to write a multiplatform c++ program that uses wxWindows and VTK. The GUI, even if
simple, was designed with wxDesigner, a pretty commercial RAD tool for wxWindows. The wxVTKWindow
class seem to work properly either under Linux and Windows, but I had some problems with SGI
machines (IRIX).

> If can't, I think it's necessary for VTK to do such things. At least, it should show people a
> way to do this.

I agree,


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