[vtkusers] Nightlies causing errors

Gregor gregorb at clear.net.nz
Mon Sep 4 00:55:00 EDT 2000

I have also experienced this fault.  I wanted to upgrade from vtk 2.4 so I
initially downloaded the current source from cvs on 30 Aug.  I built this
with BCB 5.0, on WinNT4 Sp4,Fire GL1000 and using John Biddiscombe's vtk

I found that I always got a floating point exception on the call to
win->Render(), where win is a vtkRenderWindow.  This occured after re-sizing
or re-painting the window if it had beed completly obscured.  Otherwise
rendering was OK, e.g. zoom in/out.  Tracing through the code, the exception
always occured on the first OpenGl call after the call to win->Render().

Subsequently I reverted to using the 3.12 source release and, with the same
build environment in every other respect, I had no problems.


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Subject: [vtkusers] Nightlies causing errors

> I'm using the nightly release from the beginning of this week (version
> 1.614), and I'm getting many many floating point exceptions when
> manipulating objects under win32. NT SP5. Curiously, it doesn't happen on
> the office machine (32 bit z buffer, fire GL 1), but does happen on home
> machine (Fire GL 1000 16 bit z buffer).
> The errors are occuring inside kernel32.dll and not inside vtk, so I can't
> find what's causing it, but it makes vtk completely unusable on my home
> I've been monitoring the continuous build dashboard and scanning logs for
> any recent entry that might put opengl into a dodgy state or otherwise
> cause this effect and I'm at a loss.
> If anyone else is experiencing this or has checked in something dubious,
> please let me know.
> thanks
> JB
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