[vtkusers] Nightlies causing errors

Tom Citriniti citrit at rpi.edu
Fri Sep 1 10:16:16 EDT 2000

I was also getting floating point exceptions on a single machine and found
it to be in some situations variables in Vtk are initialized to the maximum
value or  VTK_FLOAT_MAX. This is fine in practice but I have noticed places
where after an error occurs, normal processing  continues and these floats
are maxed out. Some chips (and I have only experienced two) handle the
floating point exception differently and an exception occurs. This had
nothing to do with the graphics adapter which I initially investigated. I
was never able to fix the problem but I did eliminate the behavior by
correctly handling a pick situation in which the pick missed the bounding
boxes but then tried to find surfaces.

Hope this helps.

Tom C.

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Subject: [vtkusers] Nightlies causing errors

> I'm using the nightly release from the beginning of this week (version
> 1.614), and I'm getting many many floating point exceptions when
> manipulating objects under win32. NT SP5. Curiously, it doesn't happen on
> the office machine (32 bit z buffer, fire GL 1), but does happen on home
> machine (Fire GL 1000 16 bit z buffer).

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