[vtkusers] the next unsatisfiedLinkError (no vtkJava in java.library.path)

Julio Lopez jclopez at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Oct 26 17:53:14 EDT 2000


Your libvtkJava.so should be in the $(VTK_BUILD_DIR)/java or whatever you set
I seems weird to me that the build process created the libVTK*Java.so
libraries and did not create the libvtkJava.so one.

Once you have your libvtkJava.so library, just make sure it can be found by
the dynamic loader.  Basically, the method you are using should work just
fine.  Create a directory with links to all the .so files (including
libvtkJava.so) and then add that directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment

The System.loadLibrary("vtkJava") in the java code should work just fine.  The
loadLibrary should take care of all the platform dependent naming conventions.
For instance, in varios flavors of UNIX it will add the "lib" prefix and the
".so" suffix.  For Windows it adds the ".dll" suffix.

Hope this helps,

-- Julio

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