[vtkusers] Geometry files..

Mahmoud Badreddine mbadredd at julian.uwo.ca
Mon Oct 23 09:57:52 EDT 2000

Greeting vtk users..

Has anyone converted a set of data of dimensions (N x 3) into a file
format similar to the geometry file (.g). 

You might have come across the capCow.tcl example. I have a set of 3D data
that I would hope to put in the format of a .g file so I can plot my shape
with a mesh similar to figure 4-26 on page 111 in the vtk User's guide.

If you can suggest any other means of accomplishing this goal , I would
very grateful.

--Mahmoud Badreddine
 #34-548 Platt's Lane   
 London Ontario         
 N6G 3A9 Canada                 
 (519) 679 0165         

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