[vtkusers] VTK on Geforce 2 and AVS classes

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-vtk at barre.nom.fr
Thu Oct 19 20:56:33 EDT 2000

At 20/10/00 09:41, Roderick Curtin wrote:

>I have recently run VTK 3.1 successfully on Linux  using a Geforce 2 GTS
>(64Mb of memory) card with Xfree 86.
>I am planning to run VTK on the same card under Windows in the next week
>or two.

Needless to say that we would be more than interest by your result using 
the "VTK simple sphere benchmark", especially if you could run the bench on 
the *same* hardware (but different OS).

Nigel N. send us today the first GeForce 2 results. Pretty impressive, 
around 640 kpolys/s normal, 1300 kpolys/s stripped, 476 kpolys/s textured 
(he was using a Dual PIII at 733 though).  It's not so far from my own (good 
old) Oxygen GMX 2000 on my Ahtlon 800, but the GeForce is definitely 
cheaper, and has less memory (and probably its T&L engine won't handle ten 
thousands of polygon as well as the 2 MX and the GX on the Oxygen). I'll 
soon test the GeForce2 on a "real-word" problem evolving 250 kpolys (which 
runs OK on my Ogyxen at home, and my SGI Visual 320 at lab). We'll see if 
it survives :)

John A. also send us today results related to the infamous Wildcat 4110 Pro 
: gee, it's fast ! (1870 kpolys/s normal, 2500 stripped, 1600 textured). He 
told that it sold around $2000-$3000 ?

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