associate cellarray with scalars

Jens Glagau glagau at
Thu Jan 27 11:10:06 EST 2000


i want to colourize some triangles, but i don't know how the scalars are
associated with the cells (triangles). 
The triangles are stored in a vtkPolyData-Object. The number of triangles
equals the number of scalars. The following codefragment should
demonstrate my problem:


.. // now i insert some triangles and the same number of scalars in this
   // way:


When i visualize the result, PolyA is not coloured different from the
other triangles, but instead, other triangles are coloured different. This
means that the id of the CellArray does not correspond to the id of the
scalar, right? Where is my fault and how can i mark/colorize a triangle?

thanks in advance


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