vtk sphere-bench database updates

Robert Riviere Robert.Riviere at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Jan 27 10:06:02 EST 2000

Hello vtk'ers,

After a so long time I've finally updated the sphere-bench database 
with some new results.

We can now see that :

- on Unix side, fastest stations are still Sun Ultras with Elite 3D
  board, or some big SGIs,
  *BUT* Linux machine with a Voodoo3 and DRI Xserver are now very 
  good, even better than some SGI Octanes or Indigos, or Sun Creator 
  Board !

- on Windows side, SGI Visual Workstations are still the fastest, 
  followed by HP Kayak or Dell/Compaq platforms.
  The new GeForce 256 chip shows good performance, and has probably a 
  very interesting performance/price ratio.

As usual, all results are at :

What's new in detail :

* David Gobbi's results on nVidia TNT2 under Linux with nVidia glx
  and ATI Rage 128 Fury under Windows NT 
  (I didn't put its results about  SGI 320 Visual Worstation because 
   they were quite closed to already presents ones)

* Marco Bertagnini figures for ATI 3D Rage Pro under Windows
  He has benched two identical machines except CPU clock speed and it 
  shows that the performance scales linearly with the clock speed 
  (at least for this kind of graphic card not OpenGL-accelerated).

* Robert Belleman  and Bryan Van de Ven results for a Sun Ultras II
  with Elite 3D m3.
  We had already this platform present in the database, but now it's
  under Solaris 2.7 and shows a little increased performance
  (64-bits benefits ?) for a slower clock (R. Belleman).
  B. Van de Ven results is with a 444 MHz CPU and is now at rank #1
  for performance.
* Michael Tiemann on a Onyx2 InfiniteReality 'RM7' 
  Although this model doubles performance other Onyxes already 
  benchmarked, it still doesn't beat SGI VW or Sun Elite3D...

* Adrian Anner on a Viper V550 under Windows
  Jan Stifter had also benched this card, but obtained lower (half 
  speed !) results. 
  Perhaps the usual last-night-driver-update problem ? [not stored 
  in the database]

* Goodwin Lawlor for a Permedia 2 under Windows, updates an old 
  result we had from v1 bench

* Dieter Nützel benched Mesa under Linux with DRI on a 
  Voodoo 3 card. Linux rendering begins to be really fast !

* Christopher Volpe tested a MaxVision Titan II but had lower results
  than the ones present in the database. It was because of the Nov 
  1999 problem about clipping range in VTK2.4 [not stored in the 
  He also benched a Diamond Stealth 64 and  a 3DLabs Oxygen ACX PCI 
  under NT. Not really some killers, nowadays... Seems it's 
  software-rendering only.

* James Dickson benched a Diamond FireGL1. It shows good performance, 
  compared to an old result for FireGL 1K Pro we had. Isn't it the 
  same card ?

* Greg Johnson's results for a E&S Tornado 3000 under NT

* Donald C Power benched the new GeForce 256 under NT. Among the top 
  5 best performances under Windows !

* Angelo Mangili benched the SGI Indigo2 High Impact, updating an old
  result we had from v1 bench

Hope you'll find this useful,

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