Thomas D. Citriniti citrit at rpi.edu
Mon Sep 27 09:48:51 EDT 1999

At 11:55 AM 9/27/99 +0200, Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez wrote:
>I'm trying to render an image from a fetus. The original volume is in 289
>slices in Sun RasterFile format. I'm trying to read them using
>vtkVolume16Reader, but I get an error Message:
>vtkVolume16Reader(0x80ac358): Error reaading raw pgm data!

You need to convert your Sun raster into Portable Bitmap format (PBM).,
there are the free PBM utilities out there to convert from/to most formats.
Just search for NetPBM utilities and you'll find a site to grab them from.
Then after converting to PGM format you can point the Volume Reader at
those files.

Tom C.

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