Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at helios.tel.uva.es
Mon Sep 27 05:55:26 EDT 1999

I'm trying to render an image from a fetus. The original volume is in 289
slices in Sun RasterFile format. I'm trying to read them using
vtkVolume16Reader, but I get an error Message:

vtkVolume16Reader(0x80ac358): Error reaading raw pgm data!

Does anybody know how to read it?

                          Santiago Aja Fernández
                          ETSI Telecomunicaion
                       Universidad de Valladolid
                         Campus Miguel Delibes 
                    e-mail: santi at atenea.tel.uva.es
                      Tfono: 983-423000 ext: 25547

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