Installing VTK on Windows NT 4

Roland Schwarz at
Wed Sep 22 02:28:13 EDT 1999

Hello Bill,

>I ran the program and got the message "msvcrtd.dll" not found.

>    (3) downloading and installing a "msvcrtd.dll" -- I got an "invalid
>entry point" error

msvcrtd.dll to my knowledge is not part of Windows (NT) but belongs
to Visual C++. It's long name is
(M)icro(S)oft (V)isual (C) (R)un(T)ime (D)ebug
When you download it you should do this from your C++ CD as the version
must match that of your compiler. I am not even sure if this DLL is
installed by default since runtime support is also built in into the
MFC dll's (I believe).

On my machine(s) however this dll has been installed. I do not remember
if I had to click some checkboxes during installation.

I did not run in this problem since I do a compile of the vtk library on my

Hope this will point you in a new direction,

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