Installing VTK on Windows NT 4

Bill gates at
Tue Sep 21 21:24:04 EDT 1999


I compiled VTK 2.3 from the source code the CD-ROM that comes with the
VTK User's Guide (June 1999) using MSVC++ 6.0 on a dual-processor PC
running Window NT 4 (SP4).  I used the "debug version, incremental
linking" option when building the VTK libraries.  No problem.

Next I created a VC++ project, adding the libraries and setting the
run-time library to "Debug Muli-threaded".  I compiled the example
"mace.cxx".  No problem.

I ran the program and got the message "msvcrtd.dll" not found.
Apparently this DLL does not exist on my PC (that came from a well-known
company that pre-installed NT)..

I've tried all of the following and still can't get any VTK application
to run:

    (1) every run-time library option in the project settings -- still
"msvcrtd.dll" not found
    (2) building an "optimized version, incremental linking" of VTK --
still  "msvcrtd.dll" not found
    (3) downloading and installing a "msvcrtd.dll" -- I got an "invalid
entry point" error

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bill (Ph.D. student in computer graphics)

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