Sathya ksathya at omirf.iusd.iupui.edu
Tue Sep 21 16:36:27 EDT 1999

Hello All

I am trying to use vtkImageReslice for getting arbitrary plane from the CT
Data. But , vtkImageReslice is crashing my program whenever I go above 50
slices of data.

vtkImageSlice *aslice = vtkImageSlice::New ();
aslice->SetInput ( Reader->GetOutput ()); // Reader Reads in CT Data
aslice->SetResliceTransform (transform);  // Transformation is rotation
about the Z axis
aslice->InterpolateOn ();
aslice->OptimizationOn ();
aslice->Update ();
aslice->ReleaseDataFlagOn ();

Can somebody point me out the problem. ?



Sathya Krishnamurthy
Res: 317-630-5412
Off: 317-278-1357

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